All About Home Buyer For Cash

Home Buyer for Cash is a real estate investing firm based in Boise with agents across most major cities in the United States. We regularly buy houses and real estate properties to try to expand their potential and our portfolio…. We want to be good neighbors in every neighborhood in America.

Since 2011, we have flipped, rented, and developed properties, and all of it stems from a genuine passion for real estate. When we got into this business, we had a history of connecting buyers and sellers in many different sectors. Staying focused on Real Estate has given us the unique opportunity to build relationships with thousands of buyers and sellers all over the US.

Challenges mAkes Us The Happiest

Plenty of people run into trouble when they stick to traditional realtor listings, because some homes are harder to sell. We love buying homes in any condition, and taking those challenges off a seller’s plate is what makes us happiest.

We work closely with home sellers who are facing foreclosure, tax issues, probate, or other struggles. We’ll happily help anyone sell a house, but aiding people in overcoming hardship is one of the most rewarding aspects of this business.